A piggy-wallet not a piggy bank

A digital piggy-wallet for children age 6 and up. ICO now live!

$7.2m Raised so far

Soft Cap $2.85m

Hard Cap $8.85m

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"Pigzbe addresses financial literacy early in life."


"With Pigzbe, children should learn the basics of money, finance and digital currencies."


"Part of a growing trend in blockchain-enabled currencies."


"An adorable cryptocurrency hardware wallet and interactive app."


"Genuine power in making sure kids are ready for the future of currency."


"A great thing for the cryptocurrency market."


"Goodbye Piggybank, Hello Pigzbe."

The Merkle

"A new market ready to be explored"

What is Pigzbe?

A piggy-wallet powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency

Wollo (WLO), a Swiss-based token

Wollo is the Pigzbe network’s native token, replacing money stored in piggy banks. Our target market is 205 million children who get up to $15 pocket money each week.

Wallet app & educational game

Transfer pocket money to children safely, quickly, and cost effectively with an app for parents and a game for children that enables the learning and playing experience.

Game controller & cold storage device

Kids can use the Pigzbe Pink device as a notifier and controller for the Pigzbe game. Adults can use Pigzbe Black as a secure cold storage device to keep their Wollo safe.

Wollo Card, for real world spending

Through partnerships, we are currently developing a payment card that will allow children and families to spend hard earned Wollo in multiple currencies, online and offline, in the real world.

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Why Pigzbe

Educating children about the future of money

The Problem

High transfer fees - Over $150bn of remittances made each year incur high fees through the existing banking system
Geographically limited - Current digital piggy-banking apps do not work cross border, when families are increasingly global
Poor execution - It can take up to 72 hours to transfer money into some digital piggy-banking services

The Solution

Wollo - reduces the cost of money transfers to a fraction of a cent making it possible to send small sums to children
Pigzbe - helps families to create borderless micro-financing networks, providing international reach to over 180+ countries
Wallet - enables the real-time settlement of money transfers in 3 to 6 seconds ensuring a child is rewarded instantly

Sale Information

Wollo Token Sale

Sale Information

Public Sale starts
5th September 2018 12:00 CET
Public Sale ends
31st October 2018 12:00 CET
Total Wollo Token Supply
Tokens allocated to ICO
Hard Cap
Soft Cap
ICO price of 1 Wollo

70.3% of all tokens will be made available to the community


Developing the Pigzbe educational game and physical device


Token sale & hardware

The world’s first token sale with a tangible reward

1000 WOLLO

$120 (Min purchase 1000 Wollo, no reward)

Device + Token Packages

Pink Pigzbe (Classic)
A controller & notifier for children.

5000 WOLLO ($600)

1 Pink (worth $100 at retail)
Pigzbe Black (VIP)
A cold storage device for adults.

10,000 WOLLO ($1,200)

1 Pink + 1 Black (worth $225 at retail)

17,500 WOLLO ($2,100)

2 Pink + 2 Black (worth $450 at retail)

80,000 WOLLO ($9,600)

10 Pink + 10 Black (worth $2,250 at retail)

125,000 Wollo ($15,000 - max purchase)

10 Pink + 10 Black (worth $2,250 at retail)

Public token sale now live.

Complete KYC & buy Wollo tokens

Download the Eidoo wallet & complete KYC

Download the Eidoo App to create an Eidoo wallet & complete KYC.

Buy Wollo tokens & get hardware rewards

Login to the Eidoo App and use ETH from your Eidoo wallet to buy Wollo tokens and get hardware rewards. Hardware rewards will ship in Q2 2019.

Pigzbe devices

Features & Specifications

Designed in London by the award winning designers behind the Cubetto Playset.

img features spec pigzbepink 2x

Pigzbe Pink

A game controller & notifier for children.
Interactive - 6 axis motion control and dual button game controller.
Multimedia - LED matrix, vibration motor and speaker for tactile feedback.
Connected - Secure Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity for balance updates.
Pigzbe Black

Pigzbe Black

A cold storage device for adults.
Universal - Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum & Stellar Blockchains.
Safe & Secure - Secure boot & AES-256 encrypted flash for your private keys.
Mobile - Encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless signing of transactions, on the go.

Pigzbe App & Game

Features & Functionality

Parents & network can…

Parents & network can…

  • Send and receive Wollo
  • Create child profiles
  • Build family networks by inviting trusted family members
  • View their own personal balance and compare its market value (FIAT and crypto)
  • Transfer to exchanges to convert to other currencies
  • View their child’s account
  • Set their child tasks and goals
  • Send gifts and set-up recurring allowances
  • See notifications from across the family network
Children can…

Children can…

  • Receive Wollo from their parents
  • Send Wollo to their parents
  • View their own personal balance and compare its value
  • Play and learn with the Pigzbe game
  • See notifications from their parents
  • Complete tasks and goals set by their parents
  • Receive recurring allowance and gifts from parents

Meet our humans

Experts in product design
and development

We come from places like Apple, Google and Primo, drawing from years of experiences delivering world class consumer electronics and services in the family-tech and ed-tech space, financial services and banking sector.


years combined experience


Educational products sold globally


Countries where our products are sold


Products designed and shipped

Founders & Team

Headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland, with additional operations in the U.K. and a global network of Advisors and Backers

Investors & Advisors


What are our major goals?

Concept development

Q3 - Q4 2017

Problem and solution for a 21st century piggy bank signed off.

Pigzbe Ltd registration

January 2018

Team assembled. Development operations officially begin in London.

Design & development

February - March 2018

First prototypes produced in the United Kingdom to validate design.

Pigzbe SA registered

April 2018

Swiss company registered in Chiasso, Ticino as commercial HQ.

Website and whitepaper released

April 2018

Wollo token whitepaper and website released to public

DFM completion

April - May 2018

BOM lockdown and supply chain set-up process begins.

Manufacturing ramp up

June - December 2018

Ramp up to mass manufacturing through EVT and DVT runs.

Wollo Token creation event

August 2018

675 million Wollo created and hosted on the Stellar blockchain.

Pigzbe Alpha App demonstration

September 2018

Livestreamed to the Pigzbe community demonstrating key functionality.

Pigzbe Alpha App user testing

September 2018

50 members of the Pigzbe community support user testing for Pigzbe App.

Public token sale begins

September 2018

Wollo public launch and crowd-sale starts - 5th September.

Pigzbe App launched at close of ICO

October 2018

Pigzbe App available to download and ICO closes. Wollo token holders gain full access to all app functionality - 31st October

Token distribution

November 2018

Wollo Token distribution will commence - 1st November

Exchange listing

November 2018

Wollo token made tradable through key exchanges globally.

ICO units delivery

April - June 2019

All ICO purchases and pre-sale units are shipped to the public.

Retail launch (UK, JP)

Q3 - Q4 2019

Official product launch through selected retailers for first season.

Global expansion (US, KR)


Operation scale-up and localisation to additional regions

New products & features


New products and services added to Pigzbe ecosystem


All your questions answered.

Wollo token sale

Are you running a pre-sale?

We are currently running a private pre-sale until late August 2018 – if you are interested in taking part please submit your details here and a member of the team will come back to you with details on how you can participate.

When will the Wollo public token sale start and end?

The Wollo public token sale starts at 12 midday CET on 5th September to 12 midday CET 31st October, and will be on a first come, first served basis.

Do I need to be whitelisted to participate in the token sale?

Everyone who wants to participate in the Wollo token sale will need to be whitelisted. Our token sale will be run through the Eidoo platform. To join our whitelist you will need to create an Eidoo Wallet and complete KYC through ICO Engine – more information about the process can be found here

What is the price of a Wollo token?

1 Wollo token will cost USD 0.12, and an equivalent in ETH.

If you buy Wollo tokens in the ICO do you get the Pigzbe device?

Buyers of specific numbers of Wollo tokens will also receive our physical devices. You will be able to get a Pigzbe Pink (game controller & notifier for children) if you purchase 5,000 Wollo or BOTH a Pigzbe Pink & Pigzbe Black (cold storage wallet for adults) if you purchase 10,000 Wollo. Devices will be shipped in Q2 2019.

How do I get Wollo tokens?

You can purchase tokens during our public sale starting on 5th September. And you can also participate in our bounty program and get a reward for your role in growing our community.

Are there any countries which cannot participate in the Wollo token sale?

Yes, both US citizens and Chinese residents are not allowed to participate in the Wollo token sale.

Why did you choose the Stellar network for this project?

Stellar is the perfect network for Pigzbe because it is ideally suited to enabling globalised families as micro-financing networks. Using Stellar, it is very cost effective to send small sums of money across borders regularly, quickly and reliably.

About Pigzbe

Where will I be able to buy a Pigzbe device?

Pigzbe physical wallets will be sold globally through the Pigzbe website, and also through a network of 100+ wholesale and retail partners which already sell products designed and created by the founders (Kano Computer, Cubetto Playset and more).

Why should children learn about cryptocurrencies?

Educating children about money needs to start early. Studies show that, one in four students struggles with the simplest of financial responsibilities. Pigzbe is trying to prepare children for the financial system of the future. Cryptocurrencies are something no parent can afford to ignore if they want their children to have a good grip on the modern financial system.

What happens if the price of Wollo fluctuates?

We created Pigzbe to give an extremely easy entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies, for both parents and children. Pigzbe is a financial literacy product, as opposed to a savings product, where children and parents can enjoy a deeply educational experience without having to invest much. Any fluctuation in the price of Wollo won’t actually affect the gaming experience, or the learning.

How does Pigzbe help families?

We’re making Pigzbe friendly, frictionless and fun precisely to help parents and families take a small step in the cryptocurrency space, and slowly learning alongside their children. Pigzbe could be a powerful force for change by helping to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally.

Can I use the app and game without Wollo?

No. Without a Wollo token a user will not have access to the App or the child's game.

The Wollo token received at Public ICO entitles the user to full functionality of the Pigzbe app.

If you don’t see an answer for your question, please ask about it on our Telegram Chat

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All your questions about Pigzbe answered

img whitepaper

Read the Whitepaper

Our goal is to help children and their families learn the principles of 21st century finance through cryptocurrency savings and hands-on play.

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