Pigzbe to Close

30 September 2020

We’re sad to announce that after almost 3 years of intense work, and an extremely challenging 2020, Pigzbe will be closing its doors.

Due to global economic conditions brought about by Covid-19, we were unable to secure the additional funding required from investors to develop a commercial model for Pigzbe, tackle the global regulatory challenges we faced as a crypto related business, and scale. We have therefore decided to put the project to bed.

We are filled with gratitude for our customers and community who made it possible to launch our free pocket money game alongside our beloved Piggy Wallet, and are pleased to have been one of the few projects in the space to have actually delivered a real working and useful product for kids and parents.


When will the app stop working?

The Wollo Wallet and Pigzbe apps will be removed from sale in app stores (the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and the Google Play Store for Android devices) on 15 October 2020.

While the apps may continue to run on customers’ mobile devices, they will not be able to be updated, fixed or supported in any way. We recommend that customers delete both apps from their devices as soon as they have migrated any Wollo held.

What should I do if I have Wollo in a Pigzbe or Wollo Wallet?

Customers are advised to move the balance of any Wollo they hold to a new wallet that supports Stellar tokens before that time.

There are several available wallets and customers should assess the best solution for their own requirements. We are not legally able to provide customers with advice about the merits of other wallets, although you will need to use a service that uses the Stellar network.

Pigzbe will no longer operate a customer support service after 15 October 2020, so if you require help transferring Wollo please contact us before this date.

What will happen to Wollo after Pigzbe closes?

Wollo was created specifically to work as a utility token for pocket money and rewards within the Pigzbe app. Wollo will live on, and much of our project is open source, but we will not be working on it as a business.

We appreciate this is incredibly disappointing for customers. We have tried very hard to make Pigzbe viable in extremely difficult circumstances but must now take steps to bring the project to a close.

Will my Piggy Wallet device still work?

Pigzbe’s Piggy Wallet devices must connect to the Pigzbe app in order to function, which means that they will no longer work once the app has been retired.

Again, we appreciate this is difficult for our customers to hear, and we thank you sincerely for supporting us, whether through the ICO or one of our crowdfunding campaigns. Pigzbe and Wollo achieved many industry firsts during the company’s lifetime and we are proud that we delivered on our 2018 whitepaper commitments.

We send you all our very best wishes, especially during this difficult time.

Filippo Yacob, Founder and CEO

And the Pigzbe team